Monday, March 28, 2011

Lickety Split

1.Hubby and I are slowly turning the tide against three. She still fights every. little. thing., but it's more token resistance now that she's figured out we mean what we say and we are doing what we say come hell or high water.

Of course, by typing that, I've completely jinxed us. Everything will now go to pot.

Good thing she's cute.

2.All my pregnancy stretch marks are an angry red. Interesting. Normally they are not like that. The last time they looked red was when I had cystic acne and was moodier than a PMSing Eeyore and had the most painless taper of my life. I wonder if I'm now going to be cycling rapidly through too much and too little for all around misery (fun!).

Later this week, I'll try a taper of 1/2 a pill just to see what it does (or doesn't) do.

3. I continue to think all this steroid madness is why I can't lose weight. I'm up about 5lbs right now which I think is all water as I'm really bloated. I wonder when things will even out enough to ever support weight loss again? Gah. Hopefully not more than a few more months. Otherwise it's gonna suck ass.

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