Sunday, May 29, 2011

And Then...

It just never stops over here. When last we met, I had tanked but, instead of updosing, I tapered. That went better than I think anyone expected.

Of course, I had some adrenal weirdness, which I ignored. Because, dammit, my HPA axis is either working or not, anything above not is to be ignored at this point.

No, I don't understand how there can be quite so much flank pain with a taper of an already sub-physiologic dose in a body that has demonstrated some portion of HPA axis recovery. Really I don't, but, so long as the HPA axis is showing signs of life, it's going to have to sink or swim without an updose.

My teeth are finally starting to feel better. Which is good as I had given serious consideration to yanking them all out and just gumming my food for the rest of my life. The pain went down by increments of 10 to 20% at a time. Right now I'm teetering between an 80 to 90% improvement.

It would help if the cold we've all caught didn't require quite so many popsicles (sugar free) to calm the raging sore throat.

The cold irritates the epicenter of the infection in my mouth. Brain freeze is nothing. Try a pissed off tooth sometime.

So we are all sick here. Primary symptoms are sore throats and being crankier than the Hulk. Basically, everyone's being a jerk and arguing over popsicle flavors. The hubby has also been dogging on the low carb ice cream I've been kind enough to share with everyone even though they could get their own, much cheaper, full sugar ice cream.

Oh, hey. Listen to that. I know that horking sound. The yellow lab is puking up his dinner in the bathroom. Awesome. Plus, super extra special bonus...another tornado watch/warning tonight! (We had five touch down last week within 10 miles of us, did I mention that?)

We are like the Cedar Point of bad-things-that-aren't-horrible-yet-I-don't-see-any-of-you-jumping-for-joy-when-they-happen-to you over here. I should sell tickets.

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