Thursday, May 12, 2011

Scattered Bits of Mental Shrapnel

I feel better. I think I'm okay, but I may waffle on that later.

Took the toddler to the zoo yesterday in summer heat. Spring has kind of sucked. Either too cold or too summer. The heat did me in a bit.

Sometimes I do too much.

But at least the headache I had for two days finally left the building. Hallelujah.

Can I talk about the garbage for a second? I will somehow make it relate to medical stuff.

This should be interesting.

I am immensely puzzled as to why logic failed. The garbage smelled. Ergo it should be moved. Otherwise the dogs would get into it, which is exactly what happened.

The hubby has an alternate view, which is the dogs should not have touched the garbage.

I'm scratching my head on that one. I blame his Commie upbringing in E. Europe, where dogs were disposable. Except the hubby does love our dogs. I don't know. I'm just puzzled on how the communication utterly failed.

The situation does sort of mirror my medical life. I point out an objectively observable problem with an objective history and am ignored totally.

Me:"See that history of a cortisol of 1.3?"

Doctor:"Yes, so what?"

Me:"Can we please test my am cortisol. I think I'm having the same problem."

Doctor:"Uh, no."

The government should hire me to be the spokesperson who breaks the news of alien invasion. That way they can tell the truth, but absolutely no one will take it seriously.

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  1. You are not alone on the "deaf doctor" bit. Years ago, a physician friend from LYME, Conn. was hospitalized at a famous place like Duke U for acute heart failure when there to give a visiting lecture presentation. She informed the attending cardiologist that her findings could be from acute Lyme disease and asked if he would order the Lyme blood test. He refused and treated her well enough to get her out of Duke U hosp. She flew back to Lyme, Conn where she got her Lyme test at a place where she was medical director. She was positive for Lyme disease, got treated for it with a cheap antibiotic and was cured, instead of being on heart drugs the rest of her life. Physicians are even deaf (arrogant) within our own guild. How often would a doc from Lyme, Conn who had signs consistent with complications of Lyme disease be rejected when suggesting that she be tested for Lyme disease, that was invented in her home town? One-at Duke U.
    You are not alone, unfortunately.
    (Your comment on my post got erased by Blogger last nite in a fit of malfunction. Thanks for your readership)


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