Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tired Redux

I'm tired. Finally hitting the wall BUT I refuse to admit it could be adrenal. Seems to me I've been pretty farking busy and normal healthy people would probably take a nap.

I took two.

In the same day.

But still not calling it adrenal.

Crossing fingers I can taper later this week to 5mg.

Yes, I'm serious.

The teeth are slowly killing me. Think sinus pain combined with toothache, the kind of toothache that requires a root canal. The dentist called in antibiotics for me, which has helped with the gum sensitivity and decreased pain in the teeth that weren't touched by a drill. The five that had fillings? Still hurt. A lot.

I'm told this pain can last for months.

So basically I got rid of the cavities and, in the process, gave myself a long term toothache.

I have all the luck. Try to contain your jealousy.

This is making it really difficult to find the motivation to follow through on the wisdom tooth surgery I need to have as soon as the HPA axis is up and running at full capacity.

So my question for the universe at this point is, when does my turn as target of medical f*ckuppery end? Any possibility I am over my quota? Can we audit my account? I'm awfully tired of getting jacked up every time I let a medical professional touch me.

I swear, by the time I get the normal old age stuff, I'll go in for a heart bypass and come out with a penis.

Which will be put on backwards.

Of course! Duh!

The toddler's last day of school is tomorrow. Hallelujah. She's been saying more positive things about school so I think the teachers finally got their sh*t together and started actually managing the classroom properly. Her Early Intervention assessment won't be until late late August. Hopefully something positive pans out from that.

My mom friends and I are forming a daughter study group as we are all feeling the stress of trying to raise strong, emotionally whole girls. I'm not the only one struggling with how to handle the preteen preview that occurs at the ages of 3 and 4. I'm excited about the group, I think it's going to be good. At least we can cry on each other's shoulders.

Ebook-wise, a review finally came out from a top tier blog which has generated some sales. Still not enough to convince me that non-fiction is much of a money maker. I'm furiously working on other projects, but it is very slow going.

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