Sunday, May 1, 2011

Too Stupid to Live, but Alive

I realized this morning, when I woke up, that maybe last night's post may have been a bit alarming.

I was out of my mind with fatigue. In an altered state that I suspect most people have to take drugs to achieve.

Addicts be jelus.

Anyway, I was not too worried as, long time readers will recall, I've fought 80/50 BP at home and won. Not afraid to drink the olive brine over here. Or pickle juice.

Just needed to stay up to be sure I didn't bottom out, which I didn't. Makes me think I didn't take everything twice.

As for double dosing on the asthma drugs, that has happened before and it can make me feel like crap, but it passes. Also, in other areas of the world, higher doses are used and deemed safe. So I figure the risk is low.

The acne antibiotic? I'll have really clear skin for once. I hope!

The problem was, I broke routine which is what triggered the (alleged) double dose.

Anyway, nothing bad happened. I updosed the Hydrocortisone today back to 10mg. Woke up with normal energy which was nice. I still need more sleep than I'm getting, but I've had a few nights now with no interruptions which helps even if total sleep time is sub-optimal.

At this rate, I worry that I'm going to end up a permanent member of the adrenal club. The taper is not going well and my brain is mush.

But I must have some HPA axis functionality to be on such a low dose, right? WHAT is going on?

This actually echoes a conversation I had with my PCP who referred me to the current endo, which yielded an am cortisol of 6. It makes me a little leery about things right now.

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