Tuesday, June 14, 2011

About What I Expected

The toddler had her EI assessment. She was being very coy and cute, which I always find adorable and the school staff was not immune either. I don't think any of them had any pants on by the time she was done laying on the charm.

They think she will qualify for OT but not PT. While there are gross motor deficits, they explained, she won't qualify under the public school standards. So basically, she does have a problem and should be in PT, but no public resources will be allocated to help her.


She's essentially borderline. Even with the OT, she just barely qualified (and maybe, when we go back for the formal report, they might change their mind and say she won't qualify at all, I don't know). I'm not sure if there were any other issues that came up in the assessment.

I get that there's only so much money, but borderline can go one of two ways. It either resolves on its own or it festers until kids end up even further behind.

I'm a fan of a more proactive approach because I know the toddler would not be improving if we hadn't arranged for some help. If they'd assessed her a year ago, she would have definitely qualified.

(Pausing to kick myself. Bad mommy. Baaaaad mommy.)

I'd rather deal with it now than leave it to fester, but what do I know?

I'm just the mom...who is apparently made of money.

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  1. So sorry to hear that you are being denied PT. I can't imagine why they don't understand that the investments made now in childhood are going to pay off the rest of her life.

    Hugs to you.


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