Monday, June 6, 2011


It's down to the wire now and it's trickier than ever, but I tapered. Again.

I don't know, it just didn't feel right to updose and it's not like I can't updose if I need it, I can. So why not shoot for the stars?

On 2.5mg of Hydrocortisone today, I...

-stopped at the dry cleaners to pick up our ozoned drapes
-returned a too small sand box at Toys R Us and bought some other stuff for the toddler to help with hand-eye coordination OT goals
-went to Target and spent $20 (which is a miracle, Target is a money suck) to update the toddler's dance wardrobe as her class starts tomorrow
-picked up a lunch
-went to park and dealt with toddler tantrums over the swing. It wasn't swing-y enough???
-went to the grocery store with an whiny toddler

Felt pretty good until the grocery store, at which point I wanted to keel over and spoon the cold freezer doors in the ice cream aisle.

I've felt worse and clawed my way through, but it was weird. I started shaking and sweating and my mind wobbled like jello. If you'd asked me what 2 + 2 was, I would've said Pluto.

Thankfully the shopping was pretty much done, but not before I dropped a bunch of yogurt all over the floor. The shaking made me clumsy. (Of course the yogurt broke open and made a huge mess while everyone watched.)

It was not low blood sugar, I had just eaten and made sure to include some carbs in the form of cherries. Or maybe it was low blood sugar and I should've eaten more cherries? Either way it was somehow taper related.

I would like to take a nap, but the toddler has informed me it's sand box time. Hopefully the hubby will be home from work sooner as opposed to later today.


  1. (dyspatient here - blogger and wordpress are not playing nice today)

    Spooning with the freezer doors...perfect. God it sucks to feel so sick when you're out and about. I feel for you. I hope you got some rest. Do you have a blood sugar monitor to check when you feel like this?

  2. I am tired just reading about all you got done! So you spilled some yogurt...sounds like you got a whole lot done. I do think the shaking does sound a lot like low blood sugar though (not knowing anything about your condition).


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