Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Playing Dr. Google or How People Find this Blog

  • "prednisolone withdrawl and hot back and kidney"

You're f*cked. Welcome to my world. Go to the doctor now, but keep your expectations low, they won't know what to do with you.

  • "how to avoid corticosteroid crash"

Don't take steroids. Too late? Read here.

Cliff Notes version: Don't stop taking steroids. Increase dose as necessary. Drink lots of water, eat salt and some sugar. Find a doctor who remembers reading the adrenal section of their medical textbook.

  • "adrenal insufficiency will it fix itself if it is from prednisone treatment"

No it won't fix itself.
Drink lots of water, eat salt and some sugar. Find a doctor who remembers reading the adrenal section of their medical textbook.

  • "steroid withdrawal pain" and it's cousin "steroid withdrawal and muscle pain"

Hurts like a mofo. But you know that already. Hang on, it will pass. No, the doctors don't care so don't even bother calling them. Take over-the-counter stuff, if you can, to cut the pain--that'll take it down from a 6/7 to a 4. Also, stop exercising until the pain is gone.

  • "adrenal insufficiency & pain all over the body from steriods"

Yep. It happens. See above. Been there, still doing it, myself. No, doctors have no idea how painful it is.

  • "steroid withdrawal when will it end"

It usually takes roughly a week for steroid withdrawal to pass, give or take. You should feel progressively better as time passes, if not then you should be evaluated for potential HPA axis suppression.

  • "can't find gallbladder in HIDA scan"

Not an expert, but, from what I've read, this generally results in your gallbladder being given an eviction notice. Call your doctor and get the official results.

  • "can 2 months on prednisone cause addrenal suppression?"

YES. Please see a doctor to be evaluated asap.

  • "steroid withdrawal doctor"

Good luck with that. If you find one, send me their name.

  • "Roller Coaster and Tilt Table Test"

Doctors only order that one for the bad patients. What did you do?


  1. My endo, who knows a lot about this adrenal shit, won't acknowledge pain near my adrenals. The medical community claim that if your adrenal insuff is caused by short term use of steroids, as in my case about 3 months of steroid nasal spray, that your adrenals will recover in about 18 months. Mine didn't and it's been almost 11 yesrs. My last am cortisol came back "4". My ACTH leval did come up a little but the pituitary is still not working. I know I need my steroids, and my needs goes up and down from 20mg to 25 mg. Do you think the stress of the previous day could have caused your need for some steroids today?
    Your case is so confusing, I wish you could figure it out.

  2. Mo: I think I may end up like you. Or at least have that potential. The thing that is different this time around was I was left hanging with no steroids for two weeks. That could have been enough time to do permanent damage.

    I seem to have some HPAA functionality, but it's still not 100%. The HIDA scan really threw me for a loop, that's for sure.



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