Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Updates of Varying Importance

Still don't know my test results.

Didn't take more steroids, but I feel the lack. Since I haven't exercised since Sunday, it's not so bad. Fatigue and muscle spasms is all.

However, I plan on exercising today. Just 20-ish minutes of squats with this dvd. (I did find a new Zumba class to try, but not until August.)

I have lost 2 more pounds and seem to be dropping 1/2 lb a day. In total I've lost about 10 lbs in the last 20 or so days, but I think most of that was water weight from the steroids.

I'm only counting weight loss from my last known weight unaffected by steroids. If that makes any sense. So I mark it as 4lbs lost.

The publisher passed on my novella. That's pretty much how it goes: Manuscript always requested, but never published. However, I am excited about self publishing and have been focusing on...

-establishing a twitter presence
-setting up a blog
-getting book covers together
-hiring an editor
-networking with readers and authors

Yesterday I did a lot and today I'm at loose ends. I want to finish the next novella but haven't been able to focus. I think that's the fatigue. I'm just not able to center when I'm tired and writing, even writing badly, is not a passive art.

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