Wednesday, November 23, 2011

AM Cortisol

Did the am cortisol.

Quick tip. If the blood is just not flowing. It's not your crappy veins, but rather a crappy collection tube. Ask for a new one. Preferably before you are stuck multiple times in search for the ever elusive 'vein with blood in it.'

This has happened to me so many times, now I know to ask for a new tube.

Gnawing hunger woke me up at 4 am and I was super loopy from what I assume was low blood sugar (why my body doesn't just tap into my copious fat reserves I don't understand). This was the first blood draw I tried to sleep through.

Because of the hunger, I held off on the steroids wanting to see how things changed with food. I fasted because I always convince myself I'm supposed to, and you never know what else is on the order that might benefit from fasting. So I staggered to the car, my head lopsidedly heavy and ate a granola bar.

That helped with the wobbling and general titl-a-whirl feel to the world, but the fatigue was still there.

Still I held off. Because I really do hate steroids. They are not without risks and problems. I would prefer to know I need them than to think I need them.

When the fatigue wouldn't let up (I believe this is an example of magical thinking because what exactly did I think was going to be different?), I did take 10mg as planned. We will have to see if that's enough. I do believe I have some cortisol production of some level. I don't know if I need a full physiologic dose or even daily steroids, but I could be wrong.

Lost 1.5lbs.

Appetite seems to be better now with 10mg. Fatigue is not as profound. I am still tired but am missing sleep and it could be I need more than 10mg. We'll see how 10mg day 2 goes.

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  1. Any way you can get a glucose monitor? It's been really helpful for me to identify when I'm feeling crappy because I'm low vs. just feeling crappy. And I'm going to have to remember the new tube idea because that hunting for the right vein stuff is not cool.


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