Friday, November 4, 2011

Comedic Relief

1. The toddler snuck the scrub pants I wore home from the endoscopy into her bed. Ewwww! They are now in the garbage.

2. She appropriated the (unused) barf bag from the ER, filled it with water and ran around the house muttering about how it was perfect for her 'museum collection'.

3.We all wanted to go to bed, but couldn't because the toddler was still up. Instead of staying in bed, she sat in a laundry basket giggling maniacally. She's been sick too and needed the albuterol which always winds her up.

4.I am pretty sure, with all the broken capillaries and bruising, that I am the poster girl for what zombies consider ugly. Just in time for our 16th wedding anniversary.

I took more steroids and feel much better. Well enough to eat. You would think 125 mg of solumedrol would last longer, but no, not so much. I thought I would be peppier than this, instead I drifted through life like Lurch until I got a clue and took some 'roids. Up until that point? I wasn't sure I would make it.

Also? The asthma laughs and spits in the face of solumedrol. It's getting lost in the adrenal drama, but the asthma is mad as hell. This seems to be a reaction to anesthesia. I wheezed enough to get a chest x-ray at the ER, but no neb treatments. I almost asked, but figured I was breathing pretty well and pulse ox was good, even if the lungs sounded like fizzy pop. Besides, I have a neb at home. No need to pay a grand for what I can do for myself.

The endo thinks I'm nuts, but also atypical yet denies everything while also giving me steroids. (I think the technical term for that is mind f*ck.) I think I'm pretty typical especially when I talk to other patients. Know what is really typical? The gap between endos' care and their patient's experiences.

The high bp continues to be a confounding factor. My perception, as the hostage of this body, is the bp spikes trying to cope with the stress. My body is fighting. If it hadn't fought that night or had lost, I would've passed out. Alone.

Next time I'll bring the bp unit so they can see the lows. I've decided this adrenal shiznit is much more nuanced than anyone realizes.

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  1. :( sounds like hell. The toddler in the laundry basket is funny though.


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