Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ER Doc

The ER doc and I had the following conversation last week:

Doc: "You should have taken steroids prior to the surgery."

Me: "My endo doesn't support that. They say I'm normal and don't need steroids."

Doc: "Not according to all the medical literature I've read."

Me: "I know, I've read it too."

What do you do when your endo follows one school of thought while your body follows another? I bring stuff up. I try to challenge thinking, but it doesn't go anywhere. We're stuck in this pattern of 'you're fine, but here are some steroids.' What is the end game of this pattern? Where's the plan?

My body is not going to dissolve into the ether. It's not going to stop annoying the sh*t out of me and the endo anytime soon. So, I don't know. Maybe we need a new approach?

Taper to date is as follows:

Monday-30mg HC split dose but all before noon (helped a lot, but felt like a little too much)

Tuesday-20mg HC no split

Wednesday-Holding at 20mg, no split.

Thursday-Down to 15mg, no split.

Sunday-Aiming for 10mg, no split.

Hoping to be steroid free by the end of next week.

Sooooo tired.

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