Sunday, November 6, 2011

Life Goes On

I was finally able to eat two meals in a row. Oh wow, food makes a difference. Wish my appetite would stop flaking.

I have steroid withdrawal symptoms except I'm taking steroids so what is that about? The solumedrol dose leaving my system? Was up most the night Friday with muscle cramps and asthma. And my neck is burning like a supernova right now, so I probably should stay off the 'puter until my muscles stop freaking out.

So while I've been falling apart, book related things set in motion weeks ago have been coming to fruition. It was such a bright spot, albeit kind of surreal, to find another 5 star reader review on my book, get notice of another positive review from a book blogger and see an interview I was inordinately excited about go live the day I got out of the ER.

Then...then I got a panel request form from a conference. This is small potatoes to the world at large, but huge on a personal level. I am really excited as this is something I have always wanted to do. I got to pitch panels and maybe I'll be on a few, telling people what I've learned.

No worries about me getting a big head. I had one reviewer email to tell me they hated my book--did I mention that? Thankfully, by then I'd already had multiple good reviews and some 5 star reader reviews. Not every book is for every person. I intensely disliked Breakfast with Buddha, for example, but a million other people made it a bestseller.

Plus I'm still not selling a ton of books, but it is selling. There are some doing worse and some doing better than me and my little novella, I'm kind of in the middle of the pack. Now I just need the energy to finish and publish the two projects I have pending.

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