Friday, November 18, 2011

The Link Between Severity and Attitude

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Google search results for e patient white paper

I am currently reading the e-patient whitepaper which is packed with information on patients and the internet. The only complaint I have is the document won't allow any copy/paste making it impossible for me to keep track of pertinent or especially salient passages.

However, I did go through the effort to grab this graphic showing the relationship between severity of illness and patient attitudes toward physicians. As you can see, I have no skills because, despite trying, I can't get the size to be anything close to readable, but if you double click on it, you should get an enlarged image.

You can read more about it here starting on page 28. What is your attitude? Accepting, Informed, Involved or In Control?

The more chronic or serious the illness, the more a patient uses the internet the more likely they are to be an In Control patient.

I'm somewhere between Involved and In Control (which I would have more accurately labelled 'Wants Control But Is Ignored By Physicians' which doctors would probably prefer to label as 'Annoying Patients').

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  1. That paper sounds interesting - but neither of those links work for me. Is it me, or could the links be broken?


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