Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Very Own Scrubs

Round two of endoscopy vs. PoP was today. Recovery from the drugs seems easier, maybe because I didn't get a bunch of extra doses?

However, I have a fat lip leading the hubby to call me Angelina Jolie and I peed my pants because they let me wear them. So I had to go commando in ill-fitting scrubs to get home. Hubby wants to know what kind of doctor I'm seeing that sends me home without underwear.

The pain from the air that was pumped was beyond excruciating for some reason. It hurt so bad I couldn't take deep breaths and was crying on the way home. Thankfully, the air is dissipating.

There is nothing in the ducts and the pancreas looks good. So scope is negative, OB has been checked on the off chance it's an ovary gone bad, and there's really nothing else to check. My body just hurts for no good reason. At least now when it feels like a rupturing appendix, I know there's no pathology and I can safely watch 2am infomercials until it subsides.

I did have a polyp which as been removed. My body grows things like a frustrated gardener; skin tags, moles, cafe au lait marks, small tumors in each lung, thyroid nodules and now polyps.

They said I may need a lower GI scope and more scopes in general, which is horrifying to consider. I plan to avoid them as much as possible.


  1. Boo for them not just doing both scopes at once. Yeah, you got out of the bowel prep but if they think they need to do the upper and lower scopes on someone with a history of intolerance to the sedative, they should do both at the same time. :(

  2. This sounds awful. I'm a new follower on a crappy connection so I fully intend on reading a lot more of your posts in the evening!



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