Monday, March 5, 2012

50/50 Odds

The toddler has a bad case of the stomach flu, vomiting about every 15 to 30 minutes since 2 am, which means it's been about 7 hours now. There's nothing in her stomach and she's starting to produce small amounts of blood from the irritation.

She just looked at me and moaned, "Mommy, I'm a poor thing."

My poor baby. This is the sickest she's been since she was two.

A couple more hours like this and dehydration will become an issue. She's not been able to keep down any fluids, despite begging for them.

I have no idea if I'll get it. It's rather similar to the 'food poisoning' I had so I don't know if we just have the slowest moving stomach flu in history working its way through our family or if I'm deluding myself.

But the adrenals are putting out feelers. I have muscle spasms all over my body, way out of proportion to the work out I did two days ago. Very much like steroid withdrawal, only I'm not coming off steroids so I assume it must be a manifestation of inadequate stress response. And I'm tired. Not sure yet if I'll 'bounce' or sink.

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  1. Sorry to read about the sick child. (We're seeing more mucous-headed people now than the nausea and vomiting that was going around in Jan and Feb.) I hope it resolves quickly and the lessened parental stress gives your adrenals a break. Dr Synonymous


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