Sunday, March 25, 2012

Which Came First?

I think things are so rough right now because the pill pack ended and my body is not happy about the hormonal change. It hasn't hit me so hard in quite a while and I'm not sure what's driving it now.

So last night, I had an 'acid attack' also known as GERD gone wild. Or maybe it was the adrenal bit driving the GERD bit. I don't know, but doesn't it seem like every few weeks I'm dealing with nausea and stomach pain? There's a pattern there, just not sure how to interpret it.

Of course, being ill all night means today is not so great. I can't eat. I'm tired. Not feeling hot at all.

At least I didn't throw up, which seemed like a victory at the time. This morning, it feels quite hollow.

Someone asked about Marfan re: the toddler. You know, Abraham Lincoln had Marfan's. He was also quite depressed. This article from The Atlantic is amazing to read.

My great uncle had Marfan's, but he married into the family, so it's not in the bloodline. All this to say I know a teeny bit about Marfan's and she doesn't have the physical markers for it.

There are a lot of tall kids out here, it's the Eastern European genetic stock. They grow them big behind the former Iron Curtain and they come to the US and get bigger. How big is big? When I visited the husband's homeland, I was delighted to find shoe stores display the size 10 model, not the size 5 as we do in the US. (I wear a size 9-10.)

Having traveled to his hometown by way of Paris--where I was a gargantuan American towering over everyone and didn't even bother to try and shop for clothing there--it was like finding my people. The tall and the wide with fantastic Italian leather shoes in MY SIZE FOR ONCE.

Back in the states, the toddler has peers who are taller than her (they are always of Eastern European descent). I also work in the elementary school on occasion and wow, we have tall kids here. Gaggles of them. I think we should make our own growth charts to use because surely there's more than an average amount of kids off the charts for height.

Don't get me wrong, the toddler continues to be taller than most and there aren't a ton of kids her age who match her height, but she's not totally alone either. The motor stuff is just her though, I don't know of any peers having the same issue, but it's not Marfan's either.

I was clumsy, but not until later in childhood. I also had terrible penmanship, but never anything that crossed the line into needing therapy. I wouldn't have called myself coordinated until my 20s (although I had good ability in martial arts in my preteen years, I just couldn't walk without tripping and breaking a bone). Sometimes I think she just got a quadruple dose of all my faults.

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  1. Sorry about the pain! Do you notice any dietary triggers? Your toddler is the cutest love the turtle pic


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