Monday, April 23, 2012


Today was better, but then I did the boogie-woogie to Maroon 5 and now I'm tired.

I would like to not take steroids, so we'll see how it shakes out. I think there's some GI weirdness brewing just to keep things fun.

But who cares? Not when you can be obsessed with Game of Thrones. We are almost done with season one. I have been reading the synopses of the various novels in the series. It's rather ugly once you delve into it.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy genre (genres?) have misogynistic roots. I've met a few of the old guard at various conventions and we need a new word to describe them as pervert doesn't quite cover it.

So I should not have been shocked at the p edophilia and r ape and general abuse of women in the novels.

But I am. Probably because quite a bit of it has made it onto the screen in HBO's adaptation of the novels. It's in my face and I don't like it.

In the books, a thirteen-year-old is married off and r aped. On-screen, they made her sixteen and faded to black just as he began to r ape her.

The thing that squicks me out is you know the producers had to decide how old was okay to
r ape a character without causing an uproar. And they came up with sixteen. Ugh.

Second, there's a scene in the first season with naked children outside a brothel that procures young boys for older men. It's a quick scene, but it really bothered me. What do those parents say to their kids when they are old enough to watch it? I googled to see if anyone else caught it and not one complaint.

Why do I watch it? The political intrigue is fascinating and the actors are fantastic, and sadly, it's fairly representative of the genre's treatment of gender issues. This is what's out there for those of us who like the genre. The few authors with a more sensitive approach to gender, didn't pack their work with raunchy, taboo sex, so no HBO deals for them.


  1. Every time I see Adam Levine on the Voice, I think of your blog!

  2. My husband and I were watching it, but we finally had to "gong" it. Just too much. It started to feel like sifting through a lot of crap for these little shards of plot. You'd probably appreciate
    this link if you haven't seen it already...


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