Saturday, April 7, 2012


I tried Chia seeds for the first time. Added them to my green tea. They have no taste that I can discern (although we'll see what I say the next time my super nose hits) but they gel into goopy clumps. Definitely a slime texture and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Allegedly Chia seeds were the emergency rations for Aztec warriors. Huh.

They are also supposed to be super nutritious, but I read the label and eh...not impressed.

I think Chia seeds fall into the category of 'First World nutrition options.' Because only people with money would take a food from a nation that no longer exists and turn it into a superfood fad.

As for the green tea, I'm kicking my Coke Zero habit. Again. For, like, the umpteenth time.

At one point, hubby told me to not worry about it, given everything else. He thought it was too much. I considered his opinion and ended up agreeing with him. However, now it's time to be done with it. For good.

I think I'm doing okay today. Still low appetite though--wasn't hungry enough to remember lunch. Didn't even feed the toddler, but that's more because her buddy came over and she didn't care about food. I kept giving them snacks to kind of try to wedge a lunch between finger painting, stickers, playdoh and escalating conflicts due to the fact four-year-olds are selfish little pirates.

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