Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not Winning

Today is getting bad enough that steroids are showing up in the crystal ball.

I'm going to try and do without, try to suck it up.

However, if I wake up this bad tomorrow? It would be prudent to stress dose.

Why is this a pattern now? Inquiring minds want to know.

On the positive side:

1. We've discovered Game of Thrones and have the glorious luxury of watching the first season all at once. The hubby has never read epic fantasy, while I cut my teeth on the stuff--heck, I'm actually writing one now. Why, I don't know, but I am, and I mostly wish I wasn't because it's a ton of work, but I digress. It's interesting to watch him experience it without knowing the genre tropes.

Also, I am wondering if Lord Snow is not Stark's bastard, but actually the child the queen lost?

And why isn't anyone making an HBO series of David Edding's work? Or Marion Zimmer Bradley (and not Avalon, the Dark Over books)?

Oh wait, not enough sex in those stories. Game of Thrones has lots of sex. Okay, I get it now, but that's just wrong. I hate how our culture can't value a story unless there's acres of boobage and assery.

2.I bought some pants. I am between sizes in my closet. Stuck between too big and too small and the scale just doesn't show me any love these days. There's not much on-hand for the size I am currently, I would guess the last weight loss cycle didn't stall quite so long at this point and that I just *whooshed* right into my skinny size.

I've lost patience and decided I can't just wear the same capri pants all Spring/Summer. At least not without wearing holes in them. So I splurged.

Go figure, I'm between sizes in the store too! Ha! I did find some casual capris/crops and maybe I can lose the five or so pounds it would take to fit into the one pair of dressier pants since the next size up is gain-twenty-pounds too big. If the scale ever moves in my favor again, I'll go back and buy them and I should be all set.

It pleases me immensely to build a wardrobe for the warmer months. One, I like shopping with the toddler in tow, we mesh well as shopping buddies (it helps that I'm a super fast shopper). Two, it's really annoying to have only one pair of pants to wear anywhere, which, while they are nice, they are not nice enough for church.

I have Winter and Fall clothes--all set there, but nothing for the rest of the year. Not unless I can magically lose all the weight I need to lose. (At this point, I think I would need another adrenal crisis to lose weight. Sadly, that's the last time I moved any significant weight.)

Now I just need some nice tops. I have T-shirts, but lack lightweight sweaters and the like (unless I want to regain 30lbs, which ummm no thank you). Maybe for my birthday.


  1. How exciting to be too small for clothes! Way to go! Hope you feel better

    I want to buy your book. How do find it. . .

  2. The epic fantasy will likely never see the light of day as it is not my 'thing'. Further, as much as I enjoy the creative process with it, I doubt anyone, no matter how experienced, writes a great epic fantasy the first time out of the gate.

    Also, it's in first person, which is a sin that probably carries some kind of death penalty (While I'm very experienced with first person, there are just some things that are not done).

    As for the rest of my work, I plan to keep this blog and my fiction separate. Not everyone who reads here wishes me well. And readers don't want TMI on the medical travails of an author.



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