Friday, April 6, 2012

On a Deadline

Today kind of sucked. I have a few theories as to why.

One is sugar overload. I didn't eat much yesterday and what I did eat consisted of cookie dough, cookies and icing. I hosted the neighborhood kids for Easter cookie decorating--a practice I'm reconsidering since the mess of sprinkles was so prolific, I had to vacuum the table before wiping it off.

(The 12 year old boy did look like he would be willing to lick the table cloth clean, but the little bit of hoovering of sprinkles he did off his plate sort of squicked me out.)

So theory 1 is sugar hangover.

Theory 2 is I did another strength workout. Very light. I'm trying so so so hard to take it slow. I only added 10 more squat reps to the workout. This is not aggressive exercise. At all. It's like having a mini marshmallow kick your ass.

That would be the exercise hangover theory.

I revisited the 'too weak to push the shopping cart' and the sad zombie shuffle today. Blood pressure was perfect--not low, not high-- so I have no idea why I felt so woozy and off kilter.

The whole week has just been crappy.

Other symptoms in the line up: complete absence of hunger, abdominal/flank pain, limb weakness.

I haven't taken any steroids because I'm going with theory 1, although, if I can't get myself together by tomorrow I will have to consider 5mg.

As for B12 levels, that would be just way too easy. I supplement anyway, having learned that lesson the last time I suppressed in 1998. Adrenals need Bs.

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