Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pictures from a Sunday Stroll with Salad on the Side

The seemingly unrelenting ice rain and snow finally stopped and we woke up to 1000% humidity and sun this morning. So, of course, it sounded like a good idea to go for a 2 mile hike with the toddler. Once she started screaming and needed to go potty, our perspective changed somewhat. Thankfully, the pictures don't come with sound.

Before we even got very far, the wind blew off my hat!

The hubby rescued it and we enjoyed nature's beauty...

These are the stairs I like to run--we're about 1/3 of the way up here. We just did them once today since the toddler is not up for 400-600 stairs (I'm probably not up for it either, truth be told). The toddler got a little trippy as she fatigued at the end of the walk (the volume of the shrieking increased too) but at least we know to anticipate it now. We made sure she held our hands so she didn't fall.

After that, we came home and had small portions of Breyer's Carb Smart ice cream (I always feel like I have to clarify that I'm not, like, gorging on gallons of Ben and Jerry's, at least not all the time!). Hubby and I managed to sneak in an episode of Sherlock Holmes.

Asthma was good today and energy was decent--the toddler keeps hikes slow enough it's not really an exercise in anything but my patience.

Lastly, I'm revamping the salad ebook, trying to improve the cover (not sure if I have) and adding a photo with every recipe. Also, this kind of proves what I stated earlier, if you are low carbing correctly, you are eating a lot of veggies.

(Note: If you want to buy a copy, wait a few days for the new book file to upload.)

Here's the Greek salad:

The Tex-Mex flank steak salad with the jalapeno chutney:

And this was a simple salad I made that's not in the book because there's no recipe. Just tomatoes, lettuce, mozzarella balls with balsamic glaze.

This is pretty much how we eat this time of year...fresh greens, veggies, and protein. My one house guest has reported weight loss with just the occasional low carb dinner at my house. Oh to be twenty-something again with a normal metabolism!


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