Sunday, April 22, 2012

Really a 10

Took 5mg this morning. I could not get out of bed. Could not wake up. We missed church because I am the motor of the family, if I don't move, no one else does. Once I finally heaved myself upright, 5mg seemed like salvation.

Only, as usual, I should've gone for 10mg.

But sometimes I think it's all made up,that it's all a lie my body tells me, so I hesitate to take too much in case it's a mistake.

However, 5mg got me up and dressed, out for lunch and to the grocery store as if nothing had ever happened. Now I'm batch cooking. Soup. Chicken. Almond muffins. Making the hubby's lunch for the week as he's decided to low carb too now.

Between oven timers, I rest because shortchanging the dose allows me to power through, but not power up.

Definitely early to bed tonight.

Not sure what tomorrow will be. New pill pack starts tonight, so maybe that will put me right for a while.


  1. SO Sorry you had to dose. Hope you perk up tomorrow. That's an impressive load of cooking for being hypoadrenal you're a rockstar.

    I hear ya on being the motor though I deserve less credit without kids. I used to instigate workouts, social outings, church all of which have since fallen by the wayside mostly because I'm allergic to various parts of them...

  2. Thank you Ana. My appetite is finally back and this is the best I've felt all day.



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