Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lucky 13

At the beginning of every month I write out my to-do list for the writing. I did that this morning and hovered between wanting to dive in and get cranking or going back to bed.

I'm having a sleepy couple of days. Can't seem to rev my engines (also filed under: God how I miss Coke Zero).  I did a harder workout on Sunday, the first since the flu and it tanked me. I ran into someone at the grocery store the day after. They greeted me with a smile and a 'Are you feeling okay? You look wiped.'

(Interestingly enough this was the same person who pulled up alongside my car when I had bronchitis in May just to tell me I looked awful. I wonder what that's about.)

It was reminiscent of the bad old adrenal days.

Although it is not new that hard workouts are too much for me. That has been relatively consistent. The main improvement is that I no longer have adrenal related GI stuff after intense exercise.

My hope is that this is just an adjustment period. Or maybe this is the pattern where I get through an illness okay only to emerge with a lagging stress response.

I'll stick with it for a month or so and see if my energy improves as my strength grows.

May 2013 be kind to everyone it meets.

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  1. :( sorry you're feeling so crappy. I hope your energy/adrenals rally.


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