Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Hair Is too Hot

Editing is the process by which you stare at words and rearrange them like a shell game until napalming them all sounds like the best idea of your life.

In other words, hello from editing hell.

I can't take it anymore and have thrown in the towel for the night. Only I feel guilty for slacking and am sitting here as if I will magically start working again.

So hi! Let's all gaze at the navel that is my health.

Actually, I prefer being off progesterone. More even keel. At least for the moment. Things could change and it make take a few months before I know one way or the other. It will be interesting to see what happens with the blood work.

I must be feeling confident about my health, though because we're looking into hosting an exchange student. Why? My family does this. It's a cool thing to do for the kiddo and I've learned that I enjoy having house guests because I'm always bummed when the house is just us. However, as I was talking to the coordinator who screens families, I began to feel a bit like I was tempting fate. Then I thought maybe I'm being blind to reality. One bug and I'm done. I hope I'm not setting myself up for failure here.

The temperature dropped to single digits today and the kiddo got a snow day. Bah. Not good for mommy. She can't entertain herself so it's show time all the time and this mommy is too old for that business.

Also we both woke up with crappy lungs. I'm now managing meds for three people: My kid, me and the dog. It is bizarre to be sucking inhalers with my kid. NOT a mother-daughter bonding moment I'd ever dreamed of.

As for our ailing pup...I often forget to give the dog her meds and make the hubby fill in the gap. He's been a bit petulant about it because it's usually after we're all tucked in for the night that I smack his shoulder and go "Oh shit, I forgot to give the dog her meds. Will you go down and do it?"

He tries to grouse. but I'm not having it. Who was it that sat through the five hour ped appointment with a cranky kiddo? That's right, me. I think he can go downstairs and hand the dog a pill that tastes like a treat, meaning she wants to eat it, no shoving it down her throat required.

The kiddo is a prickly pear at times, partly due to her neurological issues which means she can't always moderate her emotions as well as others. Recently she treated us to an epic tantrum that started with the statement, "My hair is too hot." Knowing her as we do, the words chilled us to the bone. It was the equivalent of that moment in a horror movie when you know the character on screen is next. She screamed for a good half hour after that.

I kind of feel the same way today!

Also, now we go around asking 'is your hair too hot' every time one of us gets snippy.

Possibly this entire posts makes no sense. I blame editing.

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  1. That is great, hot hair. Perfect. Poor kid, and poor you!


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