Monday, January 28, 2013

No Alternatives to Aging

Comments like this are the reason I blog:

Thx u so very much for sharing your info. No one told me about withdrawals. Had to go thru several pages on net bfor found u. Even tho I feel horrible at least hav kind of peace of mind & not so scared cuz of your info. God bless u. Kay on Self Care for Steroid Withdrawal Symptoms or Adrenal Suppression
Two years later I'm still getting comments on some of these old posts. It's amazing.

By the way, I'm dictating this post so if there any strange errors that's why. I try to edit as I go, but sometimes I don't catch things.

I saw Dr. alternative today. Menopause is definitely on the table. Possibly it's been in process since I was 37. Time will tell. I did more blood work today and those results will inform the bio identical hormone replacement regimen going forward.

With PCOS, irregular cycles are actually normal. However, during IVF I was prescribed bio identical progesterone with the intent of inducing a cycle and it always worked. Now I take progesterone and nothing happens. While on the birth control pill there were some changes too, but I only really put it together in hindsight. It all suggests to me something has changed. I also have some minor could be considered menopause symptoms. Haven't caught on fire yet though. Maybe that comes later.

(Side note: Dragon thinks 'inducing a cycle' should be 'inducing a psycho' which is a pretty hysterical mistake.)

So yeah, probably early menopause. At some point I need to go see the OB/GYN and get their take on things, but for now that's where things stand.

The bummer is that menopause is not a cure for PCOS. I poked around the Internet and looked at what other patients said and menopause can go one of two ways: The PCOS improves and everyone lives happily ever after without the torture of hormone weirdness or menopause is a new level of hell.

The upshot of today's appointment is I am thinking of starting progesterone again. I was going to stay off it and see how I felt, but I have had some weakness and fatigue again--there's nothing quite so lame as losing all your strength in the middle of a flight of stairs. So I saw how I felt and it was not good, ergo I'm going back on it and let's hope it continues to be a good idea for me.

Perhaps some of the issues I have with the treatment will resolve when we start treating this as menopause and not simply a deficiency of progesterone. We'll see.

I bet it's going to take me more than a year to figure this out, if I ever figure out. If that's even possible. It's not this much work for most women who use bio identical hormones, but it apparently is that much work for me.

Hormones can bite me.

By the way, I forgot to mention the kiddo is breathing much better. Just in case anyone was worried about her. The dog, however, is still incontinent despite increasing the medication dose. I am not sure what we are going to do for her.

Getting old sucks. We're both menopausal bitches together.

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