Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How Medicine Kills Patients

I spoke to two nurses yesterday who all sent messages to primary care. Nothing happened.

Still never heard back from GI.

Then, this morning, got a call from Primary Care. They referred me to GI.


Anyway, Primary said my GI doc was out of the office, which is why I never heard back (allegedly) but they sent an urgent message to GI on my behalf so someone will see me asap (theoretically). Why the receptionist on Monday couldn't tell me any of this, I don't know.

Of course, when I called GI as instructed by Primary, my doctor is in and seeing patients. They even had an opening this morning, which, naturally, I missed.

BUT the person on the phone seemed half way competent and paged the GI doctor. They actually seemed to think this pancreas thing warranted some urgency. Hallelujah.

For my part, I called the hospital and requested they fax my CT scan stuff over, which they did the second I asked.

It's still going to take me the better part of week to get any medical care.

Sad to say, I live in an area with several major medical systems too. It really shouldn't be this hard.

I did find a pancreas clinic in town that might be a good stop for me in the near future.  They do coordinated care across specialties which sounds like heaven. I wonder if they return calls when established patients call?

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