Friday, August 30, 2013

Motto of Clinics Everywhere: You Can Call Us, but We'll Never Call You

Hey, it's Friday and I'm still trying to line up medical care. Can I tell you how awesome it has been to make call after call, to be sure to have my phone always on me just so I can hear the silence of no one calling me back?

I am living the dream, people!

The situation is absolutely disgusting. I should probably write some letters complaining. Would it change anything though? I don't know.

I had similar run around issues getting the adrenal stuff diagnosed and treated. Endocrinology wouldn't see me without an internal referral (my insurance doesn't require one, but the hospital likes to think they are Kaiser Permanente or something) and Primary was like 'why do you need an endo? You want a referral for what?' while the pulmonologist, who had prescribed the steroids and done this to me in the first place, was 'why are you calling me? What do I have to do with this?'

Long time readers will recall I couldn't even finagle a blood test for HPA Suppression until six months after it started. (As a reminder, cortisol at 9 am was a 6 and ACTH was less than 5 and that was with 10mg of prednisone in my bloodstream, which, supposedly, artificially propped up my cortisol level.)

Something is really wrong with medical administration. The only time I can ever get an appointment is if it's 4 to 6 months in the future. Acute or urgent anything is shit outta luck.

I did end up with one appointment next week with my current GI. That finally got squared away on Thursday.

Of course, by then, I had called the fancy schmancy 'when we cut patients, they don't even bleed' pancreas clinic.

Now they haven't called me back. I'm on day three of trying to get a hold of them.

I am feeling like I want to leave my GI doctor, but there may be no place for me to go.

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  1. I'm so happy to have come across your blog today. I recently underwent an ANS Test that yielded some peculiar results. I am glad to be on the path to proper diagnosis, but it helps to feel supported and spoken for by writers of blogs like yours. Keep up the awesome work!


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