Sunday, September 12, 2010


So after I wrote this post, I took a shower and went raspberry picking.

And promptly got sick. Adrenal sick.

Apparently, 30 minutes on the elliptical, a couple squats, a shower, raspberries and a quick retail stop are too much for me.

I was trying to buy birthday invitations for the toddler's party when it hit me; extreme fatigue, dizziness, stomach pain, nausea. I stopped shopping and started looking for a place to sit before I passed out.

Made it out of the store okay and into the car.

Grilled hubby on what to do and say if I collapsed--thank goodness he was with me. Made sure he knew I would need a lot of steroids and asked him to check the dose they gave me. Adrenal crisis should be rare in my situation, but I was scared. Scared in a way I haven't been since my adrenals sent me to the ER in March.

Got home. Started eating salt and sugar. Took my blood pressure, 90/60--not good--and went to bed where I crashed into unconsciousness for a couple hours.

Now I'm up. Tired and not sure how sick I still am, not planning to do anything other than sit on my ass the rest of the day either. Take out for dinner.

The question is, do I need prednisone? Or is this some kind of withdrawal? Although withdrawal from 5mg for just 5 days would be highly weird indeed.

A couple things do need to change though

1. I need a medic id bracelet. If I had been alone...

2. I need to have some prednisone with me in my purse.

3.And some kind of sugary salty snack.

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  1. I always carry meds with me...I also have a supply of injectable solu-medrol and syringes. I have used it when I had a stomach bug and when I got food poisoning, and a few times I was falling into a crisis. My doctor told me that before I go to the hospital give myself a shot. I seems that if you are having all this fatigue and dizziness you do need some predisone. I hope you can figure it out.


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