Saturday, February 26, 2011

Caramel, Not Steroids, Epilogue to Snowgate 2011

The adrenals did kind of tank. Not only did we get stuck in the snow, which was stressful, the toddler later opened the door in the backseat while the car was moving. Even though I objectively knew she was strapped in and the door was not open open, my gut clenched sending out all sorts of fight-or-flight signals.

Which made my mid-back throb and I just...deflated like an old balloon half-way through our family grocery shopping trip.

But it wasn't as bad as it's been, we found the child lock button thingy on the door, finished our grocery shopping and I didn't have to up dose.

Although I should probably be careful so it doesn't get worse. I keep hoping if I can get through these stressors without having to updose that it will help reboot my HPA axis that much more.

So in the name of rebooting, I ate some ice cream. Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra (sp?).

It was totally medicinal.

You should try it sometime.

Post Script on the roads: The hubby initially made fun of me for getting stuck and calling the po-po, right up until he had to drive the side roads around here. The highways were clear for his work commute, but they didn't plow or salt the side streets and we got more than 12" in a 5 hour period.

We also got stuck, briefly, in the grocery store parking lot, which helped prove my point. Or rather, it made it so that if the hubby persisted in calling me a loser, then by getting stuck himself, he was just as much a loser.

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  1. I commend your decision to call the police. A lot of people are killed in traffic after getting OUT of their car following a collision or skid off the road. There is no harm in being extra-safe.


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