Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow, Salt, Sugar

Last night, when the weather people had orgasms on live TV about 10" of snow being a "conservative estimate" the hubby and I rolled our eyes.

The weather people were just excited to have something that let them be on camera for more than two seconds.

Or so we thought.

Today I was supposed to get my permanent crown. And have a play date and go out to dinner and go grocery shopping, but we canceled those non-essential events last night when all the schools closed.

Come hell or high snow though, I was going to the dentist. I wanted my damn tooth.

Famous last words.

I got out of the driveway okay. The snow was past the bumper, but I did a quick and dirty shovel job to chop it up enough that I cleared the drive way fine. Only once have I gotten stuck in the driveway and had to cancel something. I figured if I could get out of the driveway the rest would be easy peasy.

I'm sure that's what the police were thinking too when I called them.

The roads were not clear, but the snow was at least flattened down by all the traffic. However, it was very slick and one intersection was a sheet of ice.

We got stuck.

People were backing up into oncoming traffic to turn around. Cars whipped around those of us who were stuck, thinking what exactly? They were better drivers? The roads weren't that bad and we were all pussies? What?

Whatever their logic was, they were wrong and they learned how wrong very quickly as they lost control of their cars swerving in front of those of us who were spinning or wheels in place.

I didn't feel safe trying to get out because I couldn't control the direction the car swerved in as I gunned the motor. Plus, with everyone whizzing by so nonchalantly and then randomly losing control themselves, I was pretty sure someone was going to get hit.

This calls for the police, I thought. They should be monitoring this intersection and stop this free-for-all.

Also, I needed some help getting unstuck. Mind you, I wasn't stuck in snow. I was stuck on ice. Pure ice that covered the entire intersection. There was no traction.

22 plus years of driving and never been stuck like that. Never called the police either.

The police were unimpressed and barely contained their disgust with my motoring inadequacies. I was kind of disgusted with their lack of regard for public safety, but whatever.

I was on my own and had been so informed by the authorities.

Somehow I got moving. Inching forward with the engine revving at 5 and 6 rpms.

A sharp pain then started in my gut and my back began to ache.

Just what I needed! Adrenal weirdness that isn't supposed to happen to me, but happens anyways.

Then the police called me wondering where I was. Guess they hadn't meant what they said and sent a cruiser out after all. Someone needs to work on saying what they mean and doing what they say, which I pretty much told them.

I suspect I'm going to be on some kind of list of people who irritate the police and need lots of tickets after this.

We got home. Never made it to the dentist and I made some quick Nutjob cookies. (Nutjob because they are reduced sugar, gluten free all that health nut stuff.) Chocolate, sugar, salt, peanut butter.

Hopefully some rest, some sugar, a little salt will be enough to compensate for the stress.

Oh, and a nap. A nice long winter's nap. Wake me when it's Spring.


  1. The events of your day are the kinds of things I irrationally worry about. Oh my goodness - how scary and how pathetic that help was hardly on the way.

    Glad you could end the day with the sweets (perfectly named) and hope your rescheduling goes well. If it's not difficult doctors it's difficult weather. sheesh. Hope you get some time that feels a little like hibernation.

  2. Glad you got unstuck. That is one of the worst driving experiences ever...geting stuck in the snow! We are supposed to get hit tonight with one to two inches tonight. I will remember your nightmare and stay in the house!


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