Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thrice Charmed…Or Not

Guess how many times we've been to the dentist this week?

Three times!


Granted only 2 of the appointments were for me (Tip: Save yourself a fortune and don't ever try to eat a caramel if you have a crown. Crown = lifetime caramel ban.). The third was the toddler's first dentist visit ever.

I did not know this, but she should have gone at 6 months.

Huh. Does anyone actually take their baby in? Anyone?

I didn't go until 5. The toddler is 3, I figure we're ahead so far compared to my parents.

(I am winning!)

Also? NO cavities or tartar. Perfect teeth like her father. FINALLY something health related that does not take after me!

Since she'd been with me earlier for the initial 'oops I broke my crown' assessment, she knew exactly what to do. She vaulted into the chair and cranked open her mouth as if someone had promised to pour a fountain of chocolate down her throat. The dentist was tres amused.

I take it most kids aren't quite so...excited.

Then they gave the toddler her very own dental floss and her head exploded with sheer joy. There's nothing she covets more than strings of dental floss. She filches it quite often from the bathroom and then I can never find it when I need it. All my future cavities are her fault.

She continues to be sick. Alternately slumping in my lap, a puddle of alarming lethargy followed by a spastic nap-resistant unpleasantness that would rival the most anti anti-Mubarak protester (FYI, I’m Mubarak in our house, sucks to be mommy).

On the plus side, her breathing is good. It seems to just be a persistent head cold, which I hope and pray does not come to visit me. My asthma has subsided with copious doses of Mucinex, but I still have enough residual gunk that I don’t need any other bugs joining the party thankyouverymuch.


  1. I can't imagine anyone taking a 6 month old for a dental appointment...good for you for your excellent motherhood dental hygiene! And sorry about your crown. I've never really cared for caramels myself, but good to know that they should be avoided :)

  2. Ha, I can totally picture the dentist's delight at not only having a child who is NOT screaming and cowering but who is so utterly psyched! Sorry she's still sick though. Poor kid. And poor you! I hope she clears the cold soon.

  3. Heh, they do say to bring your kid in when their first tooth comes in. The upside is most dentists do that initial "exam" for free. :-)

    We took E to the pediatric dentist at about age 1, mostly because I was paranoid that she would inherit the tooth enamel issues I had as a kid. (My molars came up without any enamel, which meant that by age 2, I had a mouth full of cavities.) Thankfully, like your toddler, mine seems to have inherited her dad's very healthy teeth! (Although she does have my crossbite ...)

    Happy to hear she's breathing easier, which I know means you must be, too! And I *love* how excited she was! At age 6, E has just recently gotten helpful and happy about being at the dentist, if only about the prizes she gets for good cooperation. :-)

    And ouch on your crown!


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