Friday, June 3, 2011

A Bit of This, A Bit of That

1.The asthma has done a great job of making my lungs feel like they've been scrubbed on a cheese grater. With gusto. It is abating, bit by bit, this is not serious asthma, just painful asthma.

Further I am tired. Whether I am tired enough to need more steroids is still open to interpretation. Possibly I am in the denial stage of grief.

I am so close to breaking free, to have to significantly updose again, well, I worry it would reset the clock back to zero. Which would basically crush my soul.

2.I purposely used just my first initial on the ebook. M. Last Name. Now I'm getting what passes for fan mail amongst the business crowd and they all assume I'm a guy. The language used in the emails is different too, lots of guy oriented slang.

I wonder what would happen if they knew I had boobs and a vagina?

3.I think my gallbladder needs to be Raptured the hell out of my body. I am having problems. No stones, but I need a function scan to see if it's working (this was on the schedule but I got pregnant and it had to be scrapped). I suspect not and my body seems to be on the path to gallbladder implosion, the ante is ratcheting up.

The pain is daily, has been daily since Thanksgiving. Now heartburn is a problem despite avoiding food and taking extra Prilosec. Nor do I think that vomiting episode a few weeks ago was a bug, I think it was a GI mutiny.

This means at some point between now and the next decade, I will go see someone about it. I've been thinking to go to the same GI who treats my parent since this GERD GI crap is familial. There might be some benefit to working with someone who has seen how the genes play out.

Maybe I can avoid Barret's, although my parent has not been so lucky. (I know gallbladder is not specific to Barret's, but GI crap is all related, at least I think so for me.)

4. The toddler made a huge mess on the carpet with her jello. Smeared it right into the carpet she did. When I asked her to clean it up, she began to sob and meltdown.

I hadn't yelled at her. Had remained very calm in fact, but she was distraught.

Finally I said, "I still love you. You are still my special girl. Please clean up the mess."

Worked like a charm. It was really something. Gonna have to remember that one.

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