Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Make Up Your Own Title As I'm Stumped Pickle Time

Edited at the bottom of post.

Okay, this is just wrong. My body keeps trying to fall asleep on me. I don't feel particularly bad or anything, but my body wants to make like Rip Van Winkle.

I skipped one day of exercise. Probably will miss today too as the house needs to be cleaned and I will be too tired after that to do much.

There is the occasional flank pain/twinge, which let's hope it's just that those nerves have learned to fire that pattern and are doing it just for fun.

Maybe I should eat? I'm not hungry right now though BUT sometimes those sugar lows kill my appetite. Although I just had breakfast an hour ago.

I don't know. Feeling not too bad but not too good.

There was finally some weight loss after 6+ months of nothing. Just in time for me to eat birthday cake and mess it all up. Sigh.

The HIDA scan is tomorrow. I am crossing everything it helps find a solution. A few days ago, the gut kept me up and googling, until 2 am, trying to discern whether I needed immediate medical care or not. I voted for not and the gut calmed down eventually, but it's still there, ready to pounce at the slightest provocation.

Edited: I ate, it didn't help. My BP is low, not completely tanking but 100/60 ish which is low for me. I am also symptomatic of low BP and feel like I'm being sucker punched (aka adrenals are pissed). So drank 3/4 cup pickle juice followed by a square of toffee (12g carb). Let's hope that turns it around because I need to clean the house.

Just to make it more fun, the toddler is bleeding to death. She fell. (Of course!) She's phobic about band-aids. I finally got one on her after an hour of trying to soothe the hysterics (unsuccessful). She has now bled through the band-aid. (Of course!) Up next is the big sterile gauze pad which I'm pretty sure will cause her to hyperventilate and scar her for life.

Wish me luck.

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