Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Normal of Tired

To wrap up loose ends from the last post... I have a meter but no strips. I once had a forward thinking PCP who wanted me to check my blood sugar just because of the insulin resistance, but they don't take my insurance and they missed a few diagnoses/didn't listen to me that it's not worth it to me to bankrupt myself to continue with them. So the strips ran out a long time ago. (Do strips require a prescription? I can't remember.)

So maybe I was low. It's just weird. Because I purposely eat when I'm tapering to avoid lows. I know I'm at risk and my efforts to avoid the problem have been pretty successful in the past so the whole thing was just odd.

The taper has been generally fine. I am mucking things up a bit by doing too much. I've started lightly exercising, trying to get back into a routine. Yesterday I spent 3 hours in 95 degree heat. We were at a splash pad, so I was able to stay relatively cool and we drank like fish, but it was too much for me. I just never came back from that.

Today I'm updosing a bit and then will go back to 2.5mg tomorrow. Just in time for a hot day at the pool, preceded by a toddler ice cream party which is similar enough to a birthday party to make me cringe. Let's hope my wishy-washy body is up for it.

At the moment, I'm waiting for the steroids to kick in and get my motor going. Once I finally feel awake/alive, the toddler and I will be running a marathon of errands and then I will probably take a nap.


  1. The strips are expensive - they have to be to warrant giving away the meter for free. I think if you are aware of your own body, you probably don't need one. Just make sure to eat when you get 'that feeling'.


  2. 3 hours in the heat?! Yes, I'd say that's a lot.

    The strips are expensive. I guess I'm lucky my insurance covered them. That's crap that yours didn't.

  3. You can buy a meter and 20 strips for about $10 at CVS. If you're only using them occasionally, I don't think the replacement strips cost too much. It's actually a decent rated meter.


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