Saturday, June 25, 2011

Picture This

Once again, I should be cleaning the house since guests are about to arrive, but here I am procrastinating. Lucky you.

As part of my effort to exercise myself into the SAI hole again, I went for a walk today. (I have exercised and promptly taken a nap for the last three days straight, go me!) Brought the fam with me for a bit. The toddler was not happy about it, but then we saw some deer and her sense of adventure took over.

I did not get great pics of the deer. (It figures, when I don't have a camera, they are up close and personal, when I do, nada.) Last week they were maybe 15 feet away, this week, they were quite skittish. I did see the babies again though. They are getting big!

I keep hoping I'll spot a fox again after having a very close, sustained encounter with one. Although they are nocturnal and not usually up during the day unless food is scarce.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you about the biggest discovery. I call it the Fairy Queen's throne! The toddler had to go to swim class (aka Attempted Drowning 101 as she spends most of it underwater forgetting to breathe) so she didn't see it. I hope to take her though and we'll pick some wildflowers to leave on the throne.

Doesn't the picture just spark your imagination? Or was all that fresh air going to my head?

And then I took pictures of a busy bumble bee and some flowers.
I caught the bee in mid-flight, click to enlarge so you can see.


Not sure what the bugs are in the daisies. Midges? Mosquitos? Gnats?

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