Monday, July 25, 2011

All Over the Place Update

I'm still here, just absolutely consumed with my goal of getting 2 novellas and a novel ready for publication before the end of the year. (Actually, yesterday would be ideal.) If you've ever written seriously, you know this is a huge task and it is very time consuming.

The cover came back for one novella and it is stunning. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and it has garnered attention in the best way. So #winning. (Yes that is a Twitter hashtag, I am now a Twit too.)

Right now, the novella is with an editor (the most affordable one I could find, crossing fingers they are as good as their sample seemed to indicate) and I expect to release it late August/early September.

For the next two weeks the toddler is going to Vacation Bible School to learn about Jesus while I write sex scenes. (That makes me giggle.)

I feel okay. Here is the interesting thing...

The weight loss has screeched to a halt and reversed itself a bit. My blood pressure has ratcheted up to 130/90 and I don't feel particularly adrenal. My energy is pretty even which is the only nice thing I have to say about my body right now.

So I would guess that when I was running 100/60, feeling woozy and dropping weight and feeling adrenal, that there really was something funky going on.

The physiology has shifted again and not in my favor.

It irks me to no end that I show up, I put forth the effort, I exercise, I watch what I eat, I take the medications I'm given and nothing changes. Hell, I took how many years of pre med classes for what? Chronic health impotence. Where's the Viagra for that?

When can I write #winning when it comes to my body? When does the application of intelligent effort actually get me somewhere health-wise??????

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  1. Hooray on the writing, but so frustrating on the body front. Sometimes I look at it like this: all that application of intelligent effort on my part may in fact be going to keeping me UPRIGHT and out of a hospital bed. I.e. maybe it feels like I'm spinning my wheels but if we take the objective measure of losing consciousness, I do it a lot less often than I used to so maybe all this effort that seems meaningless and profitless when measured by the outcome of finding out what's wrong is in fact meaningful and gainful if I measure it by the metric of keeping what's wrong from stopping me in my tracks.


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