Tuesday, November 8, 2011


1.Got the ER records in case they showed anything useful. They don't. Not even a cortisol test (which I kind of applaud the ER doc on that one. Random middle-of-the-night cortisol levels don't mean much).

There were some things you would see with dehydration, but nothing indicative of anything. Nothing I can point to and go 'here is where I had an adrenal crisis.'

However, OMG, my blood pressure was higher than I've ever seen it. It didn't start going down to 'doctor office high' until after the steroids,which is when most of the burning in my back and stomach resolved.

I do check my blood pressure. Not as much as when it was flipping out like a ping-pong ball high on meth and a case of Red Bull, but every so often I verify that yup, still fine. And it has been fine ever since I've been off steroids.

So it was crazy to see such high numbers.

Now that I'm on steroids? It's ping-ponging again. Up up up up and down down down.

Whackadoo. Like a game of pass out chicken.

I have a hypothesis that is poorly researched and barely understood because I'm too effing tired to think, but I soldier on anyway. My theory is I get an adrenaline surge when my body needs cortisol and can't find it. This jacks up the blood pressure and then it tanks when I start to run low on adrenaline.

There is some talk of how adrenal patients run on adrenaline during stress, but there's no universal experience of high bp...so maybe a crap theory. Although I know some patients with documented Addison's who've had some bp weirdness due to other medical issues causing problems.

2.I felt such shame disclosing the struggles I'm having as a recovering PK because seriously, how wimpy is that? However, I am not alone. There are studies and papers and a 12 step program. Somewhere out there is a respite resort even.

And my feelings about it all are all part of the PK experience. Also, I possibly may be ramping up for a rip roaring mid life crisis. Which, I hope not, but there's clearly a deep emotional transition/transformation going on.

I just want to cram it all back into the box, but it keeps leaking out. Not the best timing over here. Kinda busy on the too much/too little can't-live-with-it-or-without-it steroid front.

3.Stomach polyps are rare. Another 1% (or 7% or 12%, medicine can't make up its mind) outlier occurrence to be added to the list. I think my body is going for the complete set.

4. No one else has started puking and we all ate from the same sandwich for dinner. So it's not looking like I had a bug of any kind.

5.Still woozy and weak. This is a bad place to be.


  1. I had no idea that stomach polyps are rare. I've had several removed...twice now they've found them on endoscopy and relayed this info to me as if they were simply telling me that my fly was down.

    I think we discussed pheochromocytoma before, you know that it can make your blood pressure whacky, yeah? Just food for thought.

    I hope you keep improving, sorry to hear it's been so rough right now. :(

  2. Thank you.

    I think they don't care about polyps so much because they are rarely anything but benign. PPIs can make them grow too.

    I am freaked because I keep growing sh*t and, sooner or later, the wrong thing is going to take root. I feel like I have an awful lot of growths.



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