Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Brings the Pain

Sunday was the flip side of Saturday. It started nice enough. I let the hubby sleep in since he was sick. Everyone was mellow. Then the toddler messed up her big toe pretty badly, so now we are both limping.

By the way, two other people I know took bad spills over Tday. Clearly, it is dangerous to even know me. If I were you I would run I mean walk away very carefully while holding on to a railing. Any running around me is bound to be fatal.

Then the toddler did her best to convince us we were such incompetent parents that blind wolves with rabies and lobotomies would do better.

Attempts at crafts devolved into tantrums with accompanying sonic booms.

I offered to read books. Play games. There were time outs. Loss of privileges. Discussions about making good choices. Nothing worked.

On the upside, she was drawing rainbows and people, which is a first for her and why she goes to OT. I was super excited and hung every single picture she brought me on the wall, absolutely tickled pink. She then pitched a perfectionist fit and stormed off.


Growing up is harder than I remember it being.

Thankfully, I had a stash of Christmas dvds that saved the day.

My ankle is still twice as big as it should be with limited mobility, but the pain is much reduced. Since my energy is better, this means I want to exercise. However, I am unsure as to how far I can push it.

So that's what's shaking. Off to call endo to learn my am cortisol was normal.


  1. Wow, parenting must be so demanding! It's good you WANT to exercise! Maybe the hand jive for now?


  2. T-day is a dangerous day, but I found out a couple years ago that the ER is surprisingly calm until about mid afternoon. :)

    Glad your ankle pain is lessening. Hope today is a good one for you!


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