Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh, To Be 11 Again

I remember how I felt with an am cortisol of 11. This is not as good as that. Nor is it as bad as last year. I went back and read the posts. I'm better than that, or maybe I'm just bad in a different way this time given that, Friday, I had to lay in bed for several hours and pray I didn't end up in the ER.

Before things got dodgy, I called the endo and requested an am cortisol draw. The thinking is, if I am low now, let's document it in case I later gain ground. (Or lose ground as the case seems to be.)

They never called me back, which is unfortunate as things are much more serious than when I initially contacted them.

If I had to guess, I would say cortisol is below 10 but above 5. (Let's see if I'm right! What's your bet?)

The recovery feels very adrenal, but is it because I was on steroids and went through my infamous version of withdrawal or because I had a crisis? It's hard to know.

The weight loss makes me lean more toward a crisis. The duration of the symptoms makes me lean toward a crisis as well. It's been over a week, acute withdrawal should be gone by now. I should not be in fear of a crisis, but I am because my body keeps going there.

Friday was frightening. I am glad I held my own.

The other thought nagging my intuition is not a good one, but it's just my intuition, so we don't have to listen to it. Could this be some kind of cancer? All these growths? All these symptoms? Strange (for me) weight loss?

I've lost weight. Those pants I bought? The ones that fit me now? Don't need to be unbuttoned to be pulled down.

Then I think maybe we should check for diabetes. Although I'm not peeing and had a non-fasting blood sugar of 93 in late September (go low carb!). It seems unlikely and the PCP was not concerned when I brought it up, but, I don't know, it's just one of those gut things that nags at me.

There is zero family history of diabetes, on either side. I'm hoping those genetics are strong enough to counter the impact of steroids. Pre-diabetic I can live with, but diabetes scares the pants off me.

Can you imagine? Asthma, diabetes and adrenal weirdness all in one body? That would be a death sentence.

Before things nosedived Friday, we put up our snowflake mobile and did some light Christmas decorating. Already? Yes, already. It's a happy thing for both me and the toddler. We won't break out the big guns until the day after Thanksgiving,which is about as long as I can stand to hold off.

Some people even have lights up and we did our first light drive Saturday night. I don't mind people decorating early. I hate the Christmas before Halloween retail push, but people enjoying the season a bit early are okay in my book.

Saturday I was tired and doing the sad zombie shuffle. Had some stomach and flank pain along with nausea, but the other GI stuff, while continuing to threaten me, has calmed down--Thank you all that is holy. Dropped off cars at the mechanic, went out to a delightful lunch with the hubby, to the store, and then to bed. No appetite for dinner, but I managed to filch some of hubby's chicken wings... and then couldn't finish them.


  1. Bad endo. I hate when they play hard to get.

  2. I hear you on the diabetes fear I think it's something your endo should be watching for closely. Cancer on the other hand; while anything is possible it would be pretty strange for it to present all of a sudden right after your steroid taper, no? Also having a bunch of lesions IN general usually favours benign processes. Because generally if you had metastatic'd know pretty quickly. Although I realize you always seem
    to be the exception with your health so maybe these generalities aren't comforting! Ana

  3. I'm worrying about you ... and hoping your body (and the disappearing endo) decide to be nicer to you this week!

  4. Thank you Aviva. I did talk to the endo today and we are working on getting some blood work.


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