Friday, November 25, 2011

You Are So Going to Roll Your Eyes

Thanksgiving was such a mess. All I can do is laugh.

First, I think I broke my ankle. Maybe. You aren't surprised at this point, right? Of course I would (allegedly) break a bone. The sidewalk looked even to me, but it was about 3" higher than the next panel. I rolled my ankle. Badly.

The entire joint is now swollen and I can't walk normally or do stairs. Initially, I could put weight on it, but not so much this morning.

I would kick something, but I only have the one good leg. Don't want to risk it. Not with my luck!

The real bad news is we have a New Year's Eve wedding invite. As in dancing. Staying in a hotel without the toddler for the first time in over a year. I knew there was a reason I hadn't bought a dress yet!

Hubby wanted me to go to the ER and I refused. Outright refused to be bothered by a maybe broken bone, which could be nothing more than a teeny tiny fracture that won't even require a cast (had those kinds of breaks before). I wrapped it, elevated it and told it to kiss my grits. That's about all I planned to do unless there were obvious signs of instability in the joint.

That's what I said yesterday.

This morning, the tune I'm singing is more.... Wow. This is much worse than I realized. I think maybe I went numb with denial there for a minute. Wow. Bad. Muscle strains from the arch up to my knee. Serious pain in the joint and it doesn't feel right. Will try to get an x-ray today.

After the ankle incident, we went home and saw on the news that the pumpkin in the pumpkin pie we've all been eating has been recalled. Don't eat it, they say. No information on what to do if it's too late for that. They don't know what the problem is but they do know we shouldn't eat it.


All my pies went into the garbage.

Some consumers have posted notes about diarrhea on the various news websites. So at least I won't panic about an adrenal crisis.

The thing is, my sense of taste has been off all of a sudden--food doesn't taste right or even good most of the time. I thought the pumpkin was funky, but everyone else said it was fine. So I just assumed it was me and my wonky taste buds.

On top of that I was exhausted all day. Just really wiped. I don't know if all the activity Wednesday was haunting me or what. Don't know if I'm just still digging myself out of the hole and recovering from the last few weeks or if something else is going on. Don't know anything other than steroids are like an on switch.

Arrived at Thanksgiving and was comatose with fatigue. Couldn't even talk, just whisper like a lame-o. Had to lay down until the 5mg dose kicked in and then I could talk and function.

I have lost yet another pound, but managed to eat stuffing and mashed potatoes. The turkey tasted funny to me so I fed it to the dogs. Then I fell apart again. It's like my battery just dies, so another 5mg and that seemed to do the trick for the rest of the day.

When it kicks in, I sit a little straighter and engage. It's really bizarre to feel that kick.

So I am doing better, but it's not perfect. Not yet.

One good thing, this has been the first morning I didn't wake up with bone crushing fatigue. That's a pretty significant change. Let's hope it marks the true beginning of more good than bad.


  1. That is so devastating about the Pumpkin, but really scary about your ankle. Like, your HPA axis needed any more work to do...Ugh. Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

  2. I mean no disrespect - instead of rolling my eyes, I am laughing out loud. I'm picturing an "I'm okay!" fall with "dammit" under your breath. Staring lovingly at the New Years invitation, and clearing up huge messes of pumpkin.

    What a day! I'm so glad that your energy level is up. That makes such a huge difference. I do hope you got an x-ray and hope today is better than okay. hugsx0x0


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