Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Adrenal Day

Yesterday was not happening with 5mg so I bumped up to 10mg and that pretty much got me going, although I think I could've done better on an even higher dose.

But higher is not the direction I want to go.

Today I am trying 5mg. I woke up feeling better this morning whereas yesterday I couldn't really tell a difference. So let's hope 5mg is sufficient and that tomorrow is steroid free.

I dropped a few pounds with this last round so justified some ice cream therapy last night when my appetite returned. However, Ben and Jerry's has cheaped out on its quality and it really wasn't worth it.

Once again, I'm waiting for the Geek Squad to come and repair my fridge. This is their third visit. We still don't have the right parts. I notified them yesterday of that salient tidbit and they didn't call to reschedule. They'll be arriving only to turn around and leave any second now.

We watched the first two episodes of Game of Thrones season two last night. I almost have the accent down--I tend to pick them up, last year, I had the southern drawl going from True Blood. It makes for good comedy as I do 'bits'. Hubby almost snorted Listerine out of his nose last night as I launched a monologue while he brushed his teeth. That got me kicked out of the bathroom.

Watch out, my accents will hurt you.


  1. Thanks. I'm experimenting with my nascent photoshop skills.


    1. Very cool. SO SORRY you're back on roids though.


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