Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hippity Hoppity

I think the iron supplements are helping, although it's only day 5, so pretty early to attribute anything to them. I just remember the last time I was iron deficient, it took about a week of supplements to notice an improvement.

In case anyone is wondering, as it seems low iron goes hand-in-hand with adrenal stuff, anemia is about 30% of the fatigue with 70% being the adrenal piece. So iron supplements will definitely give you a boost, if you need them.

I worked out fairly regularly last week, around the days where I was just flat-out exhausted. I'm still struggling with how to approach fitness when I'm constantly interrupted by one stupid thing or another. I'd like to be consistent, it's just very difficult to push myself when I'm sick or injured or absorbed in a project.

And I hesitate to get too ambitious now because I know the elliptical will be pulled out from under me the second I get anywhere. Maybe that's defeatist, but it also happens to be true.

For the record, I did an interval walk/run yesterday and today I have significant GI symptoms. It might just be something I ate or I may be on the slide down, we'll see.

Easter was fun, but hectic. We barely saw the hubby who tore down one wall on the garage and rebuilt it from the ground up. As I whined to him, we didn't do much together as a family with the holiday weekend. There wasn't much down time and lounging around as a family, which I missed.

The toddler forgot her Easter basket would be in the basement and sobbed hysterically until we reminded her. I've been stockpiling for her basket since January and the big hit was a hand-me-down pop-up tent with lounge chairs for her to play fort in.

I did have a chocolate bunny for her, but she's been getting so much candy from everyone else, I left it out of the basket and just did presents. Small things like books.

She went through her basket with exclamations of glee and then looked at me and said, "Where's the candy?"

I blamed the Easter Bunny. I told her he didn't eat enough vegetables to poop out jelly beans for every one. I suggested she sign up to help for next year, but even the promise of poop-turned-jellybeans can't get the kid to eat broccoli.

One last thing, I had water today flavored with orange and mint. It was awesome. Cut up two oranges, add mint, top with water and let marinate for several hours. Very adults, kids seem to hate it.

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