Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday This and That

I won't have an 'office' until June, when our one house guest moves out. The other house guest will probably be here forever due to the cancer diagnosis of someone else.

For now, I'm crammed at the end of the dining room table. Yes, I eat dinner with my computer. There's no place else to go.

The pediatrician called me today and wants us to check in with a neurologist. I'm puzzled by that since the toddler 'graduates' from Early Intervention this week, she's done with PT (for the moment) and that leaves us with only OT.

Granted, the neurologist we saw initially was a tool. I just don't know what they will 'see' now. The ped thinks the OT and PT notes will be helpful.

I thought there wasn't a diagnosis? That we didn't need neuro? I am confused.

I said we would do another neuro consult, but only with someone the ped knows and trusts because--crazy fools that we are--we would like to have a tool free medical experience.

As for me. Tired but holding steady. So long as nothing goes wrong I won't need steroids. Ha. That's funny. In a sad way.

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