Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reading Predictions and the Inaccuracies Thereof

The toddler has 'read' her first complete book. By 'read' I mean she knows some of the words and recalls the others from memory, but that's how it starts.

I am thrilled.

Go reading!

The book was Go, Dogs, Go and I had thought it might be The One.

Do you remember the very first book you ever read?

I don't recall the title, but mine was about an unhappy King and he ends up on a fire truck in the end. I was inconsolable when my mom ditched all my 'baby' books when I was at school one day.

My first word was K-Mart at the age of four. I remember looking at the sign and, suddenly, all the letters made sense. I don't think my parents even knew when I started to read. (It quickly became obvious, though once I started burying myself alive in books. Being home with the flu in kindergarten gave me the luxury to go through books like candy.)

The toddler, on the other hand, I thought she would start last year when she was three. She knew all her letters and phonics before she was two. She had some words down by three and everything was in place, except she doesn't thirst for it like I did. It's not her raison d'etre and it's been very hard for me to let her mosey along at her own pace. I know, if she wanted to she could, but she's 'meh' on reading.

I can't fathom it myself, but she can't stop genetics and she comes from a strong line of fairly early readers.

Anyway, Friday sucked. What else can I say? I ate at all the right intervals and still got really low blood sugar-y anyway. What was that about? I've had to lay down every day this week and rest until I can withstand being upright again.

I did want to add that on Wednesday, the day that was my worst, I was short of breath as well. One of the big symptoms that tipped me into adrenal crisis panic and I didn't mention it. Well, consider it mentioned now.

I have no idea what's going to happen next. Do you? Up swing? Down swing? Flying pigs?


  1. Hoping for an Upswing!

    k-mart, LOL!!

  2. Ellie's first word she could read(other than her name, our names, and classmates names at preschool) was Costco. :)

    She's 7 now, and I worried when she was barely reading toward the end of kindergarten as far as we knew, but then we got her report card and it mentioned how great she was reading and how she always wanted to read more. She started first grade in September just a little ahead of where they consider grade level, and her teacher says she's currently reading at a third grade level.

    But what surprised me the most was a couple months ago when she started reading road signs. And not just the obvious ones like stop signs, but street names, business names that aren't obvious (i.e. not fast food signs that she could recognize mostly as logos). It's just so much fun as it snowballs along.

    Anyway, I hope things are already improving, or do so asap for you. And I'm sorry that I've been MIA when it comes to keeping up with anyone's blog (including my own) lately. I'm getting back into the swing, I hope.


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