Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This and That, Chernobyl Edition

I don't know why I'm posting every day of late, although the big pile of dreaded editing giving me the hairy eyeball likely explains it. Anything but that.

The asthma is not controlled. It's yanking me out of sleep with symptoms. Not sure what the cause is other than the weather has been up and down a lot. Yesterday we had snow.

My spacers died. Note the plural. Yes, they both died at the same time. Apparently, rubber/silicone cracks after a decade. I have yet to replace them because I really like their design and they don't seem to be available anywhere. So that may be a factor in the poor control as well. Especially considering I'm having a hard time inhaling fully until about noon.

It's unpleasant, but not serious. It serves only to alarm physicians who are stuck with me as a patient and make daily life more irritating for me. It will go nowhere because my main trigger is not present--no germs on board makes for mild asthma.

The toddler fell down the stairs yesterday. She's scraped and bruised, but fine. Just to stay on theme, my attack furniture impaled my hip as I rushed to her. And all I can say is I felt a sense of victory that it wasn't my knee.

Our house guest has noted the toddler falls a lot. So we are not yet to where it's at a normal, not worthy of commentary level. Fatigue is a trigger. The day she had Tae Kwon Do (which is an adult work out, I would huff and puff in that class), walked a mile and ran the playground, she began falling and tripping all over the place. Three bloody scrapes in total.

My fatigue is still there, but the iron supplements definitely blunt it. I really think I had maybe slipped into anemia there for a second. It would also help if the toddler would sleep past 7am. She used to sleep until 8:30, but now with daylight savings time we are up at the equivalent of 6am. Ow.

We are working on a cancer care package. So far, a soft, warm blanket, a bag to carry it and a plan to buy lots of favorite candies that aren't available where they live. Hubby wanted to arrange a visit, but the surgery is happening so fast, we can't pull it off.

Hubby asked me if stress could give you cancer. I sort of rolled my eyes. I hate the New Age idea that our feeeelings can kills us. It victimizes people who have done nothing other than try to live their lives. So they get sick and then we tell them if they just had better emotions they wouldn't be doing this to themselves. Ugh. Hate that.

Do our emotions impact our biochemistry? Yes. Do they impact our behavior? Yes. So, on some level, how we feel and what we do about it have a physiological impact that could enhance an infection or help foster cancer. But it's more than that. Look at Henrietta Lacks, her cancer cells march on even though her emotions died a long time ago.

The hubby's family was exposed to Chernobyl. They were not in the Ukraine, but it hit their city anyway. Chernobyl hit a lot of places. So did Japan.

We are braised in a toxic stew and some of us cook faster than others.

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