Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting There

I'm down to 2.5 mg. It just seemed like I needed to taper a bit faster. My body shifted gears to feeling like I had too much steroid rather quickly.

I never know if I'm right until it's done, but I'm about 95% accurate when I change the dose.

Of course, tapering makes me tired, but not tapering was not working either.

I've been sleeping a lot.

Dreaming of exercise.

Sometimes I try to work. I have several stories I'd like to finish, but my brain is still not quite synapsing normally due to the fatigue. It takes a super human effort for me to write even 500 words that are worthy of publication.

I think this time next week, I should feel like I'm past the worst of it. But I could be wrong.

Meanwhile, I'm sucking down my first Coke Zero in a month to see if it'll help crank me up. So far, it's not working.

The toddler had a lovely play date with a bunch of other kids. Perfect behavior. It was nice to see because I think every parent worries that one bad interaction means big problems. I know she's a good kid. I know we get a lot of the big things right as parents, but there has been such conflict with the neighborhood kids. But I don't think their parents are as attentive as they could be to their kids' social skills.

I don't like our neighborhood anymore. The housing market crash has changed the demographics quite a bit. Ideally we would move to another school district. One where parents pay more attention to their kids than their cigarettes. But I'm not sure that will happen.

You know, smoking has been such an issue--I think we're the only non-smoking parents on our street--that I want to find an asthma commune. I'm tired of having to awkwardly bow out of social gatherings because I can't handle the smoke.

Also, I am starting to think there really is a correlation between smoking and parenting. I have not found it to be a positive one.

I'm sure there are great parents out there who smoke, but I'm not living next to any of them.

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