Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ping Pong

After over doing it at the pool Thursday, Friday was a suck of fatigue and wannabe cold sores. That improved overnight, with rest.

But now I'm hitting the wall and BP is dropping. Not slamming me to the floor this time, more gradually deflating down into the pit of fatigue.


  1. Hope your BP stays in the normal range. Most of all hope you feel ok. Your BP monitor looks swank.

  2. I am so sorry your BP is still being a truculent bastard. I hope it stabilizes soon!

    What's the relationship to the cold sores? Curious because I've been fighting this battle with sores in my mouth since 2009 - I'd been thinking it was either chronic candida or allergy. They always seem to be worse when I have worse constitutional symptoms.

  3. Dyspatient: Cold sores are sign of low immunity and poor response to stress.

    So my adrenal 'complex' of symptoms is:

    GI illness
    Cold sores
    Sore Throat
    Loss of appetite

    This cluster shows up when I've over done it or am in the process of tanking. It's part of the over arching pattern that I try to keep track of.

    Ana: Thanks. My bp 'sweet spot' is 110-115 over 75-78. 100/70 usually means I'm tanking. Anything lower than that and I've tanked and begin to feel very faint, like I'm not fully present in this dimension.



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