Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tapering and More Food

I tapered yesterday because today is going to be a bit busy and I wanted to be through the worst of it. Went down to 7.5mg of hydrocortisone. It was okay. I had some issued with weakness and fatigue and lack of appetite, but it passed. I was able to go for a walk and did a slooooow elliptical workout for about 20 agonizing minutes.

In my new office.

Yes. New. Office. Mine.

See, house guest 2 left and, since I do produce income with writing, I feel justified taking a room over for myself. And I put our ancient elliptical in here with me so I can combine writing and exercise (assuming I have the energy for it) because sitting is so damn bad for you.

The toddler's new playroom is in the basement. Where I'll probably end up writing since it's cooler down there. I want to be cheap and not run the a/c during the day this summer. (We'll see how long I can suck the heat up.)

Here are some food pics. I'm going through a food phase. Are you shocked to hear that?

Dinner last night was a huge indulgence. One of my favorite meals. Steak. Salad. Broccoli and fresh berries.

The salad was an apple-pecan-bleu cheese medley with a homemade balsamic dressing.

A few days ago, the strawberries looked so luscious I decided to make love to them with chocolate.'s a bit of a food flop. Gluten-free high protein gnocchi. They were yummy, but the first batch disintegrated in the water. I baked the rest and that was our lunch.

Now for those keeping track of my GERD (which I hope not because that's probably weird), tomatoes are a problem for me. I tried it without Nexium, but I got slammed with stomach acid and had to take some before acid started squirting out of my mouth every time I talked. Gah. What an awful feeling. Dislike!

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