Monday, June 25, 2012

The War Between High and Low Blood Pressure Continues

One of these days, I'm going to pass out. Just flat out, fall down and go boom. I'm losing my vision and balance to these blood pressure swings now, sooner or later I'm going to be sol.

Hope it doesn't happen while I'm driving.


So last night, I reverted back to my prescription blood pressure medication. The high bp was giving me a headache and its stubborn refusal to respond to anything else got to me.

Within a half hour it went down to 100/70. That drop didn't bother me, I just felt sweet relief.

This morning's readings were good, so I went back to the natural stuff. After several good readings, I started spiking high again. Damn it.

And I just now tanked a good 30 points. Thank goodness I was sitting down because this drop would've had me kissing the floor. The whole world tilts sideways and you can't see because your eyes go wonky. It's like a horrible earthquake mixed with tornado simulation, only inside your body.

So now I'm drinking pickle juice and fretting.

Oh hey, look at that my blood pressure is high again. Did I need the pickle juice or not? Did I hurt or help? I have NO IDEA! I think my body is going to do whatever no matter what I do to try and control things.

This makes my head hurt. Why isn't it just one or the other? How am I supposed to handle tag-teaming symptoms of high and low blood pressure?


  1. Scary,

    meant to ask, I learned licorice could cause hypertension as was to be avoided for people with HTN, were you taking it to bring up your BP or do they have an extract that's supposed to do something else?

    Hope it normalizes quickly. Scary.

  2. Licorice will raise blood pressure in about 20% of people, from what I've read. I've always felt I would be one of the 20% and it appears I'm right.

    However, I've stopped the licorice. Even though I didn't take mainstream meds for BP this morning, I'm still in the half life zone where it's active. Combined with the natural BP stuff, I should be fine.

    This dueling BP is what I had maybe 8 months ago, when the adrenal insufficiency was more acute. So I would say it's adrenal. Maybe I regressed a bit with the bronchitis, even though I mostly avoided high does steroids. Maybe that recent illness coupled with a mild cold is too much. I don't know.

    All I know is this should not be happening. Even the doctor is kind of stumped on this one--I just spoke with them.

    After the pickle juice my BP spiked high and then settled at a more respectable 120/80. We'll see what happens next.


    1. Hope it stays in the normal range! Thanks for explaining. So many factors, so hard to figure anything out!

  3. It also goes with pheo, but you knew that already.

    That is scary. Mine doesn't go high (yet) but low lows are not unusual. Good description.

    A cardiologist taught me a trick. Drinking a cup of COLD water (she had me drink two but they were little cups) brings it up temporarily.

    I hope this stabilizes for you.


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